3D Scanning Service

3D Scanning Service

1. The 3D scanner developed by Kallion is applied with innovative scanning technology that can show the shape information of the object as data by emitting white light to the object to be scanned, and is able to directly show this information as a 3D model.

2.Our scanner allows easy and convenient scanning without calibration by using patented technology.

3.Kallion has registered 4 patents in South Korea and the USA for 3D scanning technology, and applied for 14 patents.

4.The desktop 3D scanner Betta-1 allows you to get the 3D model in just 25 seconds by placing the object on the turntable and rotating it 360 degrees.

5.Our scanner is able to scan up to 1m wide and 60cm high with a precision of 0.03mm and an accuracy of 0.08mm.

6.Our scanner enables color scanning.

7.Our scanner saves the scan data in file formats such as obj, ply, and stl.

8.After scanning, the stl file can be sent to a 3D printer for immediate 3D printing.

9.Kallion's 3D scanning technology is customizable for your business needs. If you have any object that requires 3D scanning or a desired specification, please feel free to contact us.

10.There are endless applications of our scanner. It can be used for accurate quality control, reverse engineering, education, medical fields (getting each patient's exact figure to customize), cumbersome CAD tasks, product modeling, design, entertainment, and so on.

11.We promise to satisfy our customers with more innovative products by continuously researching and developing 3D scanner technology.

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